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Comfort for Troubled Hearts - John 14:1-14

  John 14:1-14                                  (audio)

There are so many problems in the world today.  It’s  overwhelming when you start thinking about it.  International crisis involving terrorist, and the unknown as to where they will strike next.  We have domestic problems, racial strife, and even the possible attack by terrorist on the homefront.

There’s trouble on the outside and the inside.  No one is isolated from trouble.  Financial troubles, medical troubles, relationship troubles, and it seems to always be something just around the corner.

We shouldn’t be surprise because the Scriptures  says we  can expect trials and tribulations.

Job says  “man who is born of woman is a few days and full of trouble”   Job 14:1  Also in Job   “man is born for trouble, as sparks fly upward.”

Jesus told His disciples  “in the world you will have tribulation”  John 16:33

Paul and Barnabas told the believers  “through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God”  Acts 14:22

We are not alone as  children of God…   Our Father in Heaven is a Father of mercies and comfort says Paul writing to the Corinthians.

Here in our text – Jesus speaks on the night before his death…..It’s Thursday NIGH T….Friday..cross

The disciples had hope this was the time….  Jesus as Messiah….set up His kingdom here on Earth..

Jesus told several times….and now very directly….. He would be handed over…arrested,…crucified..rise again…

They were troubled…..they could sense the urgency in the voice of Jesus…..he was himself becoming more troubled,  not like the disciples,  but the weight of sin and the cross  was just hours away….

The WORDS  Jesus gives to his disciples….are also for us…..  It’s  the Lord’s Answer for Troubled Hearts

v.1 - 

1.  Trust in the Lord’s Presence; (*)       Believe in God;  believe also in me

Our comfort,  our relief  first comes  when we  trust the Lord…. believe in Him..

JN 3:16     a great load is lifted when we trust Him  to  SAVE US….  The load of guilt…. Our load of sins…..   Jesus took them all on the CROSS….  paid the penalty  we deserve….

Trust in Jesus….    just as they trust in God.    Believe in God;  believe also in me…

Jesus came from the Father;   Jesus is God the Son….   These are things you must believe…

No one is trusting and believing in Jesus, until they believe  HE IS GOD IN THE FLESH…

Jesus said -    You’ve seen me,  you’ve seen the Father…

1Peter 5:7   casting all you care (anxieties)  upon Him, for he cares for you

·         We trust Jesus to save us….to forgive us… make us a child of God…

·         We trust Jesus to help us;   to carry the load we can’t bear…

·         We trust Jesus that He will CARE for US….

·         We trust Jesus that He will Never leave us,  nor forsake us


2.  TRUST in the Lord’s  preparation…..   vv.2-7.

Jesus has all the bases covered…..     Jesus has all the unexpectant problems  covered…

There are NO Surprises with the LORD….

Will the Lord take care of us through Life?     You must trust Him….

What about after we die?    What then?    The Lord has that covered.

(a)        A Prepared Place   (vv.2-3)

In my Father’s house are many rooms….    Older manu…  mansion…the best interpretation is

dwelling places,  or  rooms….

The picture is of a Jewish couple who get married….     Prior to the wedding day….  The bridegroom..prepares room for his new bride…..The Bridegroom’s Father has a big house …. An extra addition is added to the Father’s house…and when it’s ready….the bridegroom  goes to get his bride…there’s a marriage….

One day Jesus our bridegroom…will come…He is coming for His BRIDE  (the church)…

Now he is preparing rooms …..  this is no small room…..

The Father has a big house….a very big house…..  study Revelation 20,21   (1500 miles wide/long/high……..1/2 the US    over a billion square miles….)

(b)        A Prepared WAY   vv.4-7

There is a way to get to this prepared place…  this place called Heaven…

Not only is Jesus  preparing our final place;    He has  also   prepared the WAY !

Jesus says   - (v.6)   “I am the WAY,  and the Truth, and the life…….”

Not   “one of many ways”   but   “the”  WAY;  

To know the WAY;  is to know the TRUTH….  And to know the TRUTH  is to experice ETERNAL LIFE.

No one comes to the FATHER….except through Jesus

Jesus is the DOOR…     entrance ….  To knowing God…

v.7  the prepared way….. is a relationship with the Father and the Son;; 


3.   Trust in the Lord’s  PERSON      vv. 8-11


Philip – Lord, show us the Father…   I need more evidence….

Been so long…still do not know me, Philip?


Whoever has seen me has seen the Father….v.9


a)    His words

b)   His works


4.  Trust in the Lord’s PROMISES      vv. 12-14

       (a) Promise to be with us….. v.12       Holy Spirit   see 14:16-18a,  26

       (b) Promise to answer prayer…. vv.13-14


Not as a magic formula by attaching  “in his name”    but it is according to his will

See  1Thess 4:16-18 and  ICor. 15:51  -  the Rapture verses

 (*) part of this outline was gleaned from John MacArthur’s commentary which is an excellent source for the serious study of the Gospel of John.

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