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Engaging in Kingdom Business - Luke 19:11-27


The Parable of the Ten Minas, or Engaging in Kingdom Business

Luke 19:11-27         (listen to audio here)

Adrian Rogers , who in recent years has gone on to be with the Lord, but was the pastor of Bellevue Baptist Memphis – to get an understanding of a text ask 3 questions:

1.    What did it mean back then?

2.    What does it mean now?

3.    What does it mean to you, personally?

For our passage we need to get an understanding as to how the Jews saw it.  What did it mean back when Jesus told the parable.   The Roman govt…ruled by Caesars…  practically controlled, ruled the known world.   The Caesar was the top ruler …or king over all Roman citizens, and all Roman occupied territories.     To help solidify his grip on ruling over all the Roman world,  it was helpful to have   “lesser kings”   to control smaller geographical areas…..  A man who wanted to serve in that capacity…had to have the approval from the Caesar of Rome.   

One family that had such power was the HEROD FAMILY….  Herod the Great went to Rome and gained permission and authority to rule in the Middle East,  according to Josephus the historian…  ruled from 40 BC till his death in  4 BC.    Before his death he had stated in his will that his 3 sons would rule in his place.  They would each have a portion of his kingdom.    One of the sons  Archelaus ruled in Judea…the location of Jerusalem, Jericho and the surrounding area.

Archelaus had to make a trip to the Ceasar to seek permission to rule in Judea…and he was given that authority as long as he swore allegiance to Rome.  However, the Jews did not want Archelaus to be their ruler.  They sent a delegation to Ceasar protesting by saying,  “we don’t want this man to reign over us.” 

Archelaus continued to be the ruler and to instill fear in the people during one Passover, he slaughtered 3000 Jews.

Now you can see how the story comes alive.  This is what it meant for the Jews back when Jesus made up this story.  Archelaus was not in power at the time Jesus told the story, but the memory of the Jews was vivid as to what he had done by murdering 3000 Jews.    As Jesus and the crowd made their way from Jericho going up 17 miles to Jerusalem,  the listeners would know that Jericho was the headquarters for Archelaus who had a palace built there.

A nobleman goes into a far country  (that’s  Archelaus going to Rome to see the Caesar to receive a kingdom);   while he’s gone there are servants in charge of certain responsibilities….  He returns and deals with them based on either their faithfulness,  or unfaithfulness,  and destroys his enemies. This story would resonate with the Jews who heard it.




As Jesus and the crowd of followers;  this would include his disciples….    V.10 “The Son of man came to seek….”

They thought -   the kingdom  appear immediately--    as they approached Jerusalem…

Jesus drives home the point  --   First coming--   saving of the lost --- 

One day – YES,  will return to set up a kingdom on EARTH !       Not now.  

Before there’s the coronation,  there’s crucifixion;   Before there’s the crown,  there’s the cross…

Before he ‘s the  Sov’eign King;   He will be the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53.


·         Samaritan woman at the well – John 4

·         Despised tax collector up in the sycamore tree – Zaccheus

·         Demonized woman – Mary Magdalened   (7 demons)

·         Jesus raised the dead (like Lazarus) to show His purpose is to come and raise the spiritually dead….

·         Jesus opened the eyes of Blind Bartimaes to show His purpose is to give sight to the spiritually blind

·         Jesus told stories like the woman with lost coin;   the shepherd with the lost sheep;  the Father with the lost son…  TO SHOW HIS PURPOSE IS TO SAVE ALL WHO COME IN REPENTANCE AND FAITH…


Jews  rejected this…..they wanted a Messiah to come ……set up an earthly kingdom….to run off the Herods….to run out the  Caesar..and deliver them from the yoke of Roman power…

There are people today….that’s what they want….

A Jesus who will fix their world;     give them a better economy;   a better life;   Your Best  Life Now;  people want a Jesus who will give them things;   

A Jesus who will create a perfect world  with a cleaner environment;     and bring equality;  and perfect justice in all the world….

Jesus will come and transform this world  OUTWARDLY…..but first  He comes to create a kingdom INWARDLY ---  SEE   Luke 17:20-21   the work of redemption;   transforming the heart of sinful people….


JESUS TELLS THIS STORY…..  v.11   near to Jerusalem….they supposed the kingdom of God was to appear immediately…

v.12 a nobleman…. A man of noble birth….   This is Christ… His birth was that of nobility…. Virgin birth…  conceived by the Holy Spirit

v.12  went into a far country…….     As Jesus was walking with the crowd toward Jeruslaem  it would be about a few more weeks….and Jesus would after his resurrection…..ASCEND back to the Father…He would go to a FAR  country………Jesus is now…..  crowned Lord of Lords; and King of Kings  by God the Father…..sits on the right hand of God…….receiving His kingdom….. Listen every time a person come to faith in Christ….the kingdom of Christ grows….  Jesus is NOW  receiving His kingdom in a far away country in the heavenly….  He now intercedes on our behalf….

v.12   and then return…      SOON He will return….   We look forward to that glorious event!   When Christ will return  with his kingdom…

v.13   Calling ten of his servants….    Ten minas        engage in business until I come     Take what I have given you….the Lord has given us  His Spirit… spiritual gifts…. Given us His power….his gifts…  and there is time,  there is opportunity,   make much of what the Lord has given and DO BUSINESS FOR THE KINGDOM……… advance His cause in the World…..we don’t have much time,  he will soon return….

v.14   But his citizens hated him…….            Even those who hate Christ are called his citizens….this is His world…  even though He went back to Heaven,  it’s still his world,  his earth,….   Sometimes you hear…  “YOU NEED A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH Jesus Christ”     Everyone has a personal relationship with Christ….for many people…it’s not a good one…..   we don’t want this man to reign over us…

John 1 -  He came unto his own,  his own received him not….they did not want Jesus to be their Messiah,  to be their King…


vv.15   When he returned….     This speaks of the Second Coming….   

v.16   Lord, your mina (GREEK )    (3 months wages)  10 minas

v.17   well done, good servant!

v.18   Lord, your mina….five

Here are the faithful…..the true believers………….they invested in Kingdom work!    They went to work….

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. 10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.  Ephesians 2:8-10

10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil.  2Cor.  5:10


v.19    you are to be over 5 cities ---    our rewards --  is to be given  responsibilities in the kingdom..


The UNBELIEVERS….  The false ……those who  profess to know Christ,  but in works  “deny him”

v.20      can’t  be bothered with this thing called  The Christian Life….   I just took what was offered to me….. here’s what I thought about it….  I put it in an handkerchief…..  I hid it away… I buried it..

And  WENT ON WITH MY LIFE………… motivated by LOVE?   NO!       motivated and driven by FEAR…

You’re a severe man……   I really don’t’ like you……    you take things that you did not deposit….  You reap things you did not sow….   You let other people do your work,  but you get all the honor and glory….you get the credit….

This man has no love for the nobleman…..        He accuses the nobleman of being too hard….a severe man….   I did ‘t do  anything with what you gave me…because  if something went wrong you would blame me….

·         He has no love for the nobleman

·         He has no respect for the nobleman

·         He has no honor…..he really doesn’t care about what the nobleman thinks….

·         He takes no responsibility….he has no interest in the concerns of the nobleman

This is a false believer….  You take your supposedly profession of faith  and put it in an handkerchief and move on with your life….

This man was like Judas Iscariot….. He hung around Jesus  ….  To get something for himself….. to cash in went the Kingdom was set up……. And get an honorable position in the kingdom….  When Judas saw it was more about crosses,  blood, sacrifice, and self-denial…he bailed out…….many folks like that…..they want the glory…. They want to skip the sacrifice,  the self denial…

23 ..collected interest…..  couldn’t even do that…

v.24-25-26    take the mina from him……………give to the one     

What’s taken away?    Opportunity…..   all that he had….  He had the priviledges of seeing good things;   GONE!     He is stripped of everything…

Here in America….  People are surrounded by opportunity,   priviledges  to hear the gospel….but all they do…is make a flimsy  profession of faith….and they do their own thing…. They have no love for Christ,  they have no respect,  no honor for Christ…These people will forvever be banished from entering the Kingdom…..



v.27    as for these enemines of mine………..

see Revelation 19:11-21

21 And the rest were slain by the sword that came from the mouth of him who was sitting on the horse, and all the birds were gorged with their flesh.


What does this parable mean to you, personally?

Either you are a true believer….you have a desire to honor the nobleman,  the Lord Jesus Christ,  you put to use that which He has given you…. You seek to build up His kingdom work…. You identify with His purpose to  “seek and to save….”

Or you are a pretender…

You take what has been given you….bury it…..  it’s put away….. and you go on and live your life…

You have no interest in Christ…. no desire to follow him…

 Or you are an arch enemy….. you are vocal with your protest and hatred for Christ…

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